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Our Mission is seeking and saving the lost and bringing deliverance to them that are bound and setting the captive free.  We accomplish this through the teaching of the Word of God.

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Minister Debbie Viser, founder and director of body of Christ ministry is a true Amazon in the battle of winning souls for the kingdom. A licensed ordained associate minister at Grow to Grow Christian Center under the leadership of a great man of God Dr. Anthony J. Herrin in which she heads the Grow to Grow Christian Center Prison Ministry.

Minister Debbie’s life exhumes the adage of “an angel has a past and a sinner has a future” Her walk through life has endeared her to this belief which through the grace of God has been given her the privilege to have served 15 years as a volunteer in the correction system for the state of Missouri. Her diligence and strong belief in redemption was greatly appreciated and reward with a seat in the Advisory Board for Community Action Ministry. Her zeal and passion for the ministry has won her accolades and recognition from the city of St. Louis Missouri, USA.  (Read More…)

Title:  The Believer And The Sin Nature By Minister Viser

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The Body Of Christ Ministries and Minister Viser in Nigeria Abeokuta